The International Fasch Festival is a member of

Musikfeste Sachsen-Anhalt

Executive Board of the IFS, 2019-2023

Members of the Executive Board of the International Fasch Society, 2019-2023:

President: Bert Siegmund (ifaschg-siegmund (at)

Vice-presidents: Jens Lorenz; Antje Deicke (antje.deicke (at)

Treasurer: Christiane Müller

Secretary: Sabine Fahle

Members-at-large: Dr. Jens Arndt; Heiner Donath; Prof. Dr. Barbara Reul (barbara.reul (at); Dr. Maik Richter

  • General Manager: Hannes Lemke (IFaschG (at)
  • Former general manager and IFG life time member: Dr. Inge Werner
  • Musicologist: Antje Deicke (antjedeicke (at)
  • Webmaster: International Fasch Society (IFaschG (at)

The most recent issue of our annual newsletter, Faschiana, appeared in summer 2020. Since the 16th International Fasch Festival had to be cancelled in April 2021 due to Covid-19, there will be no summer 2021 Faschiana issue.