The International Fasch Festival is a member of

Musikfeste Sachsen-Anhalt

Executive Board of the IFS, 2021-2023

President: Heiner Donath

Vice-presidents: Jens Lorenz; Antje Deicke

Treasurer: Christiane Müller

Secretary: Kathrin Elß

Members-at-large: Dr. Jens Arndt; Dr. Maik Richter; Bert Siegmund

  • General Manager: vacant (IFaschG (at)
  • Former general manager and IFG life time member: Dr. Inge Werner
  • Musicologist: Antje Deicke (antjedeicke (at)
  • Webmaster: International Fasch Society (IFaschG (at)

The most recent issue of our annual newsletter Faschiana appeared in December 2021. No issue was published in 2022.