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Fasch Prize Recipients

The Fasch Prize of the City of Zerbst has been awarded to individuals or ensembles since 1993 in recognition of their contribution to the popularization of and/or research carried out on the life and works of J. F. Fasch (1688-1758).

Fasch Prize Recipients:

Anne Schumann 11 April 2019
Anne Schumann
Baroque violinist, baroque music instructor, ensemble director Chursächsische Capelle, and Fürstenmusik
Prof. Dr. Manfred Fechner 20 April 2017
Prof. Dr. Manfred Fechner
Musicologist, author, editor; Dresden and Jena
Ludger Rémy 15 April 2015
Ludger Rémy
Harpsichordist and ensemble director, musicologist, Dresden and Bremen
Dr. Gottfried Gille 18 April 2013
Dr. Gottfried Gille
Musicologist, Bad Langensalza
Hans-Heinrich Kriegel 7 April 2011
Hans-Heinrich Kriegel
Director of the Fasch-Collegium Bochum and editor of works by Fasch, Bochum
Shalev Ad-El 13 April 2008
Shalev Ad-El
Harpsichordist, Israel
Dr. Barbara M. Reul 7 April 2005
Dr. Barbara M. Reul
Musicologist, Canada
Akademisches Orchester 3 April 2003
Akademisches Orchester
of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, director: Matthias Erben
Prof. Ludwig Güttler 29 April 2001
Prof. Ludwig Güttler
Trumpeter, Dresden
Camerata Köln 17 April 1999
Camerata Köln
Period performance ensemble
Brian Clark 19 April 1997
Brian Clark
Musicologist and editor of works by Fasch, Scotland
Jens Lorenz 22 April 1995
Jens Lorenz
University Music Director, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Ellen Arndt 17 April 1993
Ellen Arndt
First general manager of the IFG

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